Paper Wars
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What To Use

So you think you know exactly what paper you want for your book, box or other printed product? Think again. BoDa Printing & Packaging's graphic artist shares the right approach and ideas to consider when making the important paper decision.  “Once you know your budget, then you need to talk types of paper. Even with a budget in mind, our graphic artist adds that, “You need to know what you want.” She also gave some crucial things to consider helping with the decision on what one does want and need in terms of paper.

Our artist said a customer needs a good starting base from which to make their decision.  Apparently, there's cause for caution, for there may be papers that carry the same benefits but are differently priced for some reason.  For instance, she pointed out that there's a paper which goes by the moniker lynx. “Lynx is great because it's a good quality paper and it's reasonably priced. It's just my paper of choice.” She pointed out that classic crest and lynx look alike, but they do have very different price points.

A lot of people are familiar with the glossy versus matte dilemma.  BoDa Printing & Packaging's production manager discussed one issue with uncoated paper, such as matte.

On Dot Gain with Matte Paper

At first blush, gain seems like something one would want. It's not true when it comes to dot gain.

The production manager said dot gain is a problem that may impact how well the ink sits on the paper. He explained that the term refers to the way ink expands into the cotton fiber of paper, the way moisture is absorbed and spreads out when on tissue paper.

The two mentioned that when an uncoated paper is used with offset press projects, there could be quality problems because of dot gain. Offset is defined by as popular printing process where a plate makes an inked impression on a cylinder which is rubber-banked, which in turn transfers it to the paper. 

“The image won't be as crisp,” he reported.

The Good News about Matte Paper

Digital printing is an alternative to offset. explains that digital printing uses digital files, such as a PDF, to transfer images onto paper or other surfaces. The graphic artist at BoDa stated that matte is the preference with digital print jobs. For those who long for sheen, but prefer to go digital with their projects, our artist offered some hope. “The digital process gives it a shine anyway.”


Silk and Glossy Paper

In addition to coated paper known as glossy, they showed a sheet of silk paper. Both have levels of sheen on their surface. She stated that glossy paper may sometimes produce the glare effect. “I don't like glare,” he stated.

She said silk and gloss are both ideal for offset print jobs. However, she said silk doesn't have such a high sheen and the ink doesn't give that washed-out effect. “If you're going full color offset, I'd go with glossy,” stated the graphic artist.

Visiting our website was an education. The information was useful, and I felt like I walked away with delicious insider secrets about the industry that so many of us rely upon in order to conduct our businesses.

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Oct. 23, 2013

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