Design & Artwork:

BoDa has has our own in- house graphic design staff team to help clients to some amending, template job or design their products upon request.

For high-end services of brand positioning & marketing or visual arts design, meanwhile we also have introduce our long term cooperated strategic partners (including design studios and/or brand consultation companies based in Mainland China, Australia or U.S. to our clients, from meet the fulfill creative design requirement no matter on book layout, or box structure to brand development.

We, together with our partners, servere a numberlot of big reputable brands with  to provide clients wholefull-service design, printing &and packaging solutions.

All Artworks Format Friendly

We accept almost any format of your artwork. 
Our commonly using graphics softwares are such as Aodbe Illustrator, InDesign, Page Maker, CoreDraw, Photoshop, QuarkXPress. We highly recommend our clients to provide us the artworks in PDF or AI formats. If you only have a copy of your book or paper products and want us to make the artwork, it is still workable for us.


Color Management
In printing business, CMYK (process color, four color) is the standard of color which refers to the four inks: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). You are highly recommended to convert all your photos from additive color models, such as RGB or other format into CMYK before finalizing your artwork.  
 We recommend you to use a Fogra 39 profile for the work to be printed 4 color on coated paper and Fogra 47 for uncoated paper to obtain best printing effect. For solid & Spot colors,, we encourage our clients to use Pantone Color Manager ("PMS"). You can ask us if you have any question about how to set that on your software. If the color is critical, we recommend that color conversion are handled by the repro house based on test proofing on specific paper.

Graphic, Fonts and Link Management
For a good printing effort, we suggest to save files in around 350 DPI. A lower DPI will make the printing not clear enough, but on the other hand, a higher one will not help itself to get much better effords either.

We accept most of the fonts you use, but for some rare using or special self-designed fonts, we may take time to handle. Please either provide us the fonts you use, or transfer all the fonts into curves, or provide us direct print- ready PDF file directly.
Links of photos are very commonly used in most layout designing software. So please remember to transfer the links of photos or provide us direct print ready PDF fileto us.



Artworks Ttransfer

We will create a File Transfer Protocol ("FTP") FTP account with your personal ID & Password to log in for file transfer.

We are also flexible to receive the file through by YouSendIt,, Drop Box or other safe file share software.

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