BoDa Binding Glossary (Common Binding Type/Style)

Saddle Stitching:  To bind by sampling sheets together where they fold at the spine.  Also called pamphlets stitch, saddle wire and stitch bind.

Loop Stitching: To bind one or more printed sections together, by means of loop wire staples (stitches) through the spine and centerfold.  The loops enable the printed item to be inserted into a Ring Binder.  Normally we apply 2, 3 or 4 wires to loop stitch.

Sewn Binding: To sew together the backs of the gathered sections before inserting into a cover.

Perfect Binding: To bind sheets that have been ground at the spine and are held to the cover by glue.  Also called adhesive bind, cut-back bind, glue bind, paper bind, patent bind, perfecting bind, soft bind and soft cover.

PUR Binding: PUR (polyurethane reactive) Adhesives differ from conventional hot melt glues (EVA) in that they cure by cross linking, via a chemical reaction. Once cured, the adhesive’s higher molecular weight provides a tough, pliable bond that is resistant to temperature extremes.  PUR Binding is tough, enabling repeated usage and increases flexibility characteristics.

Burst Perfect Bind: To bind by forcing glue into notches along the spines of gathered signatures before affixing a paper cover.  Also called burst bind, notch bind and slotted bind.

Case Bound: The pages of the book are arranged in signatures, sewn together, and hard covers (cloth, vinyl, or leather cases) are attached.  The spine of our case bound hard cover book can be square or rounded.

Board Book: A type of book printed on thick paperboard.  The paperboard is printed and used for both the cover and the interior pages.  Each page panel is a minimum of two plies of paperboard thickness.

Spiral Binding: To bind using a spiral of continuous wire or plastic looped through holes.  Also called coil bind.

Wire-O | Double-Loop Wire Binding: To bind loose leaves using a series of metal wire loops formed from a single continuous wire run through punched holes on the binding edge.


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